Service Excellence

At the Clinique d’Optométrie l’Émerillon, quality is reflected in all our products and services. Whether you need new glasses or are consulting in optometry for the very first time, our specialists will make sure to put you at ease and make your appointment a pleasant experience. We guarantee all our results. Also, see our specialized sections:



Your Eye Health: Our Priority

Do you have difficulty reading or seeing clearly while driving? A complete eye exam will help us identify any eye weaknesses or problems. Even if you feel your vision is clear, it’s always a good idea to undergo a regular eye exam to ensure optimal eye health.

Several testing methods exist to assess your ocular health: tonometry, corneal topography, retinal photography, retinal exam under dilatation and peripheral vision evaluation. These tests detect diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension as well as neurological problems.

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